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Practice areas

With Casus Belli Advocats you participate in the process, you matter.


Criminal Law

We are experts in criminal cases, and we defend or represent you as an accused or injured party in criminal proceedings.


Prision Law

Hiring Casus Belli Advocats is a guarantee of advice and legal help in the face of every problem you may have in prison.


Tax Law

Consult your case to draw up a specific plan achieving the best solution and obtaining the greatest tax savings in accordance with the tax laws.


Administrative Law

Casus belli advocates has extensive experience in administrative and contentious-administrative procedures.


Immigration Law

We manage expulsion files and we can present your residence, help you with your EU community card, NIE number, ...


Family Law

Casus Belli Advocats offers you personalized legal help with your divorce and separation, paternity, child custody, child support


Real Estate Law

Our experts in real estate law will help you with the choice of the property, they will guide you throughout the purchase-sale process and will advise you with all the procedures.


Extraditions and European Arrest Warrant

If you find yourself facing extradition or a claim from an EU country, hiring our team of experts is a guarantee of an optimal result.

About us

Casus Belli Advocats is a union of lawyers highly specialized in a specific area of law. We are backed by years of experience in achieving the best result in each case. We accept a limited number of cases in order to spend as much time as possible. The customer is an inseparable part of the process. Your participation and opinion matters, because our mission is to solve your problem.

Our values are: responsibility, seriousness, honesty, innovation, professionalism and confidentiality.

High win ratio

Our founder, the lawyer Mariana Ivanov has a high number of positive sentences as can be seen in her profile of  Emérita Legal.

Law firm formed by committed professionals in continuous training.

Our Team

Mariana Ivanov Yordanova
Brian Alexandrov Nikolov
Maite Taverner
Nassim M. Zahaf
Irina Ivanova Nenkova
Vito Atanasio

Opinions of our clients

Customers who have trusted us value us positively:

Los asuntos que he solicitado han sido correctos y muy satisfactorios, y sobre todo el trato cordial en todo momento y la información me han gustado mucho.

Andrés Fernández

Mariana, aparte de ser excelente como abogada, es una persona que se preocupa de sus clientes.


Abogado con experiencia profesional, actitud honesta y responsable con el cliente. Recomiendo los servicios de la abogada Mariana Ivanov.

Vladislav Nikolchov